24. September - 2020

Prize competition “RE-BOX”

If you have received one of our delicious food boxes, you can earn yourselves an award too. The authors of the first 10 photographs of their mini-gardens grown in our RE‑boxes will win a book of beautiful alpine flowers.

Please send your photograph and address for the delivery of the book to mirjam@medium.si


If you are not familiar with our prize competition, you can read more about it here:

We trust you enjoyed the treats you received in our RE-box. But this need not be all – you can RE-use the box. You don't know how? It's simple!

  1. Put a bag in your RE-box to protect it from moisture.
  2. Fill the RE-box with soil.
  3. Plant some seeds (if you can’t wait for the seeds to germinate, here's plan B: plant a seedling and your RE‑box will instantly become a green mini-garden).
  4. Put it in an suitable place at home or at work, and water regularly.
  5. Watch your RE-box grow into your own mini-garden.

You can even paint your RE-box, or decorate it however you like! Invite your children, grandchildren or friends to help you. This will make your mini-garden even more meaningful, and it will provide an opportunity to spend some fun time with the people closest to you!

Thank you for taking care of our environment and RE-cycling!

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